Azuero Airfields

Azuero Lite X

It is a component of the Panama Lite X add-on scenery product for FSX. This component covers all the airfields of the Azuero Peninsula which is on the middle southern part of Panama. This package updates the default FSX scenery -which is highly inaccurate- with the following enhancements over the default:

  • The entire Eastern and part of the Southern coast of the Azuero Peninsula has been corrected.
  • Added missing or improperly depicted major rivers, these serve as landmarks for visual flight
  • Used a more realistic landclass
  • Added several visual landmarks near the airports to more closely reflect real life.
  • Updated navigation aids, codes and geographical locations
  • Corrected airfield names and their geographical location (town/city, province/state) which are missing in the default FSX flight planner.
  • Other coastal areas such as islands have been updated and enhanced as well.

The following airfields are covered by the Azuero X add-on and correspond to all known real life airfields in the area.

  • Capt. Alonso Valderrama in Chitre, Herrera, Panama. MPCE
  • Capt. Justiniano Montenegro in Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama. MP00.
  • Capt. Augusto Vergara in Guarare, Los Santos, Panama. MP20.
  • La Candelaria in Pocri, Los Santos, Panama. MP04. [missing in default FSX]

The add-on scenery including its custom modeled buildings cannot be distributed in peer-to-peer networks add-on sites or any other sort of sharing. They are available through authorized resellers. Legal action will be taken against pirates.

However do understand this is "Lite" scenery, it is light on framerates and I have tried as much as possible -with limitations- to recreate the surrounding areas to better match real life. The default scenery is nearly devoid of vegetation and with no visual landmarks suitable for VFR. Do not expect 3D grass waving at you.

Scenery Legend Visual Approach
Instrument Approach
ICAO code. With asterisk it indicates non-official code.
Includes Helipad
Custom buildings or objects
Stock Default airport only has a plain runway
Stock Default airport is okay
Extra Not available in stock FS

Plenty of photos with comparisons between standard and with add-on have been uploaded to the Lord of Wings Flight SimulationFacebook page.

Some of the airfields in the Azuero Lite X package may contain navigational charts. Do note however that these charts were made by us and must never be used for real life navigation. They are only provided (as simple as they are) for the convenience of the flight simmer enjoying this package.

Chitre, Herrera

VFR IFR Helipad Amphibian VOR DME NDB Lights Buildings Charts

The Capt. Alonso Valderrama (ICAO: MPCE) airport is located in the town of Chitre head of the Herreraprovince. this airport was originally more active than nowadays. it was beautifully remodelled a few years ago but there is no commercial traffic anymore due to the (panama!) presence of a municipal waste facility that produces a lot of smoke when the waste is burn. approaches are also endangered a bit because the airport neighbors with a national bird sanctuary.

MPCE - Driving past runway
MPCE - Airport entrance
MPCE - Boca de Parita
MPCE - El Agallito beach and Bird sanctuary
MPCE - Apron side
MPCE - Helipad
MPCE - Approach at night
MPCE - Passenger Terminal at night
MPCE - Salt ponds
MPCE on YouTube

This add-on is a complete rework because the stock airport only has a plain and totally bare landing strip. We have added navigational and visual aids that are not present in the stock version, greatly improved VFR (in case you get lost) and remodelled the coastline and among other things added the La Villa river which is an important landmark missing in the default scenery.

Guarare, Los Santos

VFR IFR Helipad Amphibian VOR DME NDB Lights Buildings Charts

The Capt. Augusto Vergara (ICAO: MP20*) airport is located in the town of Guarare, Los Santos. It was remodelled a few years ago but currently there is no commercial traffic.

MP20 - Stock (default) airfield
MP20 - Approach
MP20 - Guarare river amphibian port
MP20 - Visual approach with Guarare river
MP20 - Runway
MP20 - On apron
MP20 - Passenger terminal
MP20 on YouTube

This add-on is a complete rework because the stock airport only has a plain and totally bare landing strip. We have tried to recreate the area as much as possible and improved VFR (in case you get lost). The coastline has been remodelled. Also remodeled the Guarare river and added a bonus amphibian port.

La Candelaria, Los Santos

VFR IFR Helipad Amphibian VOR DME NDB Lights Objects Charts Extra

La Candelaria is nowadays an abandoned dirt airstrip in the town of the same name, district of Pocri in Los Santos province. It is provided as a bonus with a nicely modeled dirt airstrip with custom objects typical of the region, a simple hangar for aerobatics or to store your plane and an amphibian port at the nearby Mensabe river so that you can ferry tourists to Isla Iguana (Iguana Island) near Pedasi or cross the peninsula to Coiba Island in Veraguas.

La Candelaria - FSX default
La Candelaria - Approach (ours)
La Candelaria - Approach south (ours)
La Candelaria - Missing Mensabe river
La Candelaria - Custom objects
La Candelaria - New upcoast scenery
La Candelaria -

This is a bonus airstrip with amphibian port as La Candelaria is not present in any of the stock flight simulators.

Pedasi, Los Santos

VFR IFR Helipad Amphibian VOR DME NDB Lights Buildings Charts

The Capt. Justiniani Montenegro (ICAO: MP00*) airport is located in the town of Pedasi, Los Santos. The original airport (present in Flight Simulator) was near the beach but suffered from wind currents and also the land was bought by a foreign investor. A new airfield was built further inland but not very far. There are commercial flights to the Pedasi airfield.

Pedasi - Stock (default) airfield
Pedasi - Panorama with our add-on
Pedasi - Approach with boring default (FSX)
Pedasi - Approach with our add-on
Pedasi - Default/stock Iguana Island
Pedasi - Iguana Island with our add-on
Pedasi - Apron
Pedasi - PAX Terminal

The stock airport is just a plain airstrip without buildings and surrounded by scarce vegetation. As a bonus the Azuero Lite X package has both the improved original airfield as well as the new one. The terminal building of both airfields is just a small house (both in the scenery and in real life). Pocri and Purio rivers.

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